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Tenth floor

Celebrity chef Hans Välimäki serves up black truffles and thousand-euro wine orders in one of Finland's most expensive eateries, the prestigious Palace restaurant. The fine dining experiences there are crafted by a team of young chefs with long shifts and dreams of striking out on their own.


P:Photos: Miikka Pirinen


Throw away the key!

They say the people have a sense of justice. But when the people were asked about what they thought would be appropriate punishments, a researcher was taken aback. There is one type of crime that receives especially harsh sentences in Finland.


I:Illustration: Erkki Toukolehto

Hot Wheels

A car is more than just a car, especially if it’s a BMW. @Munalissu from Instagram captured the essence of this year’s Bimmerparty for Ylioppilaslehti.


P:Photos: Liisa Vääriskoski


Pucker up, China

The People’s Republic of China’s very own ice hockey team joined the KHL league last year. If the Chinese government achieves its goal, the nation will be hockey-crazy in just five years.


I:Illustration: Kaarlo Stauffer

A sinking ship

Trying to relive the glory of Nokia, a new venture by ex-employees of the former mobile phone giant was the most exciting tech project around. After five years, Jolla has produced a rough version of a smartphone, a tablet that flopped and tens of millions of euros in losses. However, there is still hope, if plans to expand to Russia and China go ahead.


I:Illustration: Jenna Seikkula

Making the cut

The University’s administration was an easy target for the government’s massive budget cuts. So much was slashed from it, in fact, that the quality of teaching and research suffered.


I:Illustration: Emmi-Riikka Vartiainen

Grime guys

Tuisku Hakoniemi and Fedja Kamari from Töölön Ketterä have made grime cool enough for mainstream radio stations like YleX in only half a year. What do rap artist VilleGalle and Burger King have to do with it?


K:Kuvat: Nick Tulinen

Through Rose-Colored Lenses

Last spring was a victorious one for feminists in Sweden: an MP from their Feminist Initiative was elected to the European Parliament. Finland is considering the founding of a similar party. But first, Finnish feminists need to decide what feminism actually means.


I:Illustration Jaakko Suomalainen

The Finnish brand

The National Coalition Party, Finland's largest political party, has been building its winner's identity since 2007. With Alexander Stubb as the party's frontman, everything seems to be on track.


I:Illustration Jukka Ovaskainen