Mister Hu travelling the world

President of China Hu Jintao has travelled the world this year and made some strange decisions. For example, China has built a huge presidential castle in Togo in western Africa. Nobody seems to understand why.
    The western countries have boycotted Sudanese oil for years, but China is building oil pipes in Sudan. At the same time, the demand for Chinese tanks and mines in Sudanese Darfur is increasing. Hu has warmed up the relations to Saudi-Arabia as well, and even Hamas and Jewish organisations seem to be pleased.

The real story of tomatoes

Elina Hirvonen travelled to the Spanish tomato slums to find out what Europe is prepared to do to limit poor people from moving. She met a man who had spent two years walking from Africa to Europe through the Sahara. He, like many others, does not have a residence permit, and cannot seek for any other job. The district of Almera is rich because of the tomatoes, but when you look at the workers you cannot notice it. The EU has paid 40 million euros for the neighbouring Morocco in order to strengthen border control. Even UN workers are not allowed to visit the migrant centres in Morocco.
    Hirvonen asks why we insist on freedom of movement for capital but are ready to reject human rights to keep poor people behind borders. In the past, many Finnish people travelled abroad in search of a better life. When did these kind of dreams turn into crimes?

Sari Baldauf after Nokia

For years, Sari Baldauf was a highly appreciated director at Nokia. But after twenty years, in 2004, she decided to leave the company. Now she sits on eight different boards of directors, both in companies and NGOs. She says she just wanted to try something new.
    She is particularly interested in organisations that work with young people. She feels it is extremely important how young people see themselves and their opportunities in the society.

Edited by Reeta Holma and Ylioppilaslehti staff.