Bullied children`s money

In the beginning of the 1990s, an association was founded to support victims of school bullying. The association received lot of attention. In 2002, the name of the association was changed and another one was founded with the previous name. The new association sold magazine subscriptions for millions of euros. They claim that they used the money to support victims of bullying, but there are many open questions. Why, for example, have they not paid their taxes? The association has very little activity, so where has all the money gone?

Hopes of the country

A group of high school students, 80 per cent of them female, spent an April weekend in army barracks in Santahamina. They participated in a security course partly organized by the Finnish army. We followed the girls as they played war games and learned how to defend themselves against rapists. They ended up sitting by a campfire where they discussed what it is to be Finnish and how they feel about defending their home country.

Home casting

In the film industry, the word casting means picking out actors for directors to choose between. There are also people who cast homes. Their main responsibility is to find suitable locations for filming. To achieve this, they use the internet and their own connections. Many ordinary people like to have their home used in films or commercials, even if they do not get paid much.

Ville Hytönen

Ville Hytönen is only 24 years old but has already run his own publishing house, Savukeidas kustannus, for five years. During these years Savukeidas has become one of the most prominent poetry publishers in Finland. Hytönen`s colleagues in the publishing industry say this is because of his hard work and determination. Hytönen himself says he grew up on the floor of a printing press and on top of that he just has a great love for poetry.

Edited by Reeta Holma and Ylioppilaslehti staff.