The trick maker

Tatu Tyni is not a traditional magician who pulls rabbits out of his hat. Some conservative magicians think that he is too radical. That?s why he has found himself new audiences. In one of his shows he wears only underwear. He has practised magic since his childhood. When he turned 16 he started to practise more than eight hours a day. He wants to turn magic into serious form of art. It will soon be possible to study magic in Finland too.

Made in place X

Nowadays it?s not compulsory to announce the country of origin of a product except on food. That?s why it is really hard to know where all the clothes and other products come from. For traditional Finnish trademarks it is important to maintain the image of Finnish origin, because consumers often appreciate it as a sign of quality. Ylioppilaslehti asked some companies where do they produce their goods. Information was hard to find, partly because manufacturing is a global business. Parts of the work might be from Finland, other parts from somewhere else.

New forms of crime

At first there are new trends and innovations. Soon after that criminals will follow the road. Law makers are trying to keep up with new crimes. You could be a victim of a crime without even knowing about it. Internet and economy are branches where there are often new forms of crime.

Package tours to Iraq

Marjatta Laurila takes tourists to places that don?t interest other travel agencies. In Iraq she was with a group last time 2003 and now she is hoping for to travel there again. Her agency Travel Jovain has taken tourists to places like Yemen, Eastern Turkey and Afganistan too. Laurila says that her clients are quite normal people and some of them want to visit every country in a world.

Wizard in the kitchen

Henrik Poulsen is only 31 years old and he is already opening a fifth restaurant. Despite of his young age, he has gotten a good reputation in the cooking and restaurant circles. His success is based on the fact that most of his relatives are in the same business. Since the age of 13, he has worked in high class restaurants. But there is a downside too. He has just divorced and he has to work very long hours in order to keep his business running.