Fight over facilities

There was a fierce argument in the Student Union Council about what kind of facilities there should be in the forthcoming Third Student House. Council members representing department clubs said that the traditional nations have become less important than department clubs. In spite of this, nations are favoured when the Student Union distributes premises. Although the discussion was fierce, the Council ended up in a compromise: all parties will be given some space in the Third Student House.

The state of the World

The Worldwatch Institute has once again published the State of the World Report. Ylioppilaslehti takes a look at some of the hot ecological problems that loom everywhere in the world. The good news is that technology will help us solve some problems in the future. The bad news is that if China and India continue to develop at the current speed, there will be much bigger problems to solve.

Treasure hunters

Collectors are no longer only hunting stamps and art. After the birth of eBay or its Finnish counterpart, a growing market for different kinds of collectibles has emerged. For example, an annual volume of the old comic Tex Willer was sold in for 2 300 euros. Even if the number of people interested in comics is small, the Internet brings them all together. This inevitably leads to higher prices.

What has changed?

How do ten people of different ages see the world? We asked five policemen and five teachers about their fears, hopes, and why they have chosen their professions. Especially the stories told by the policemen paint a picture of a country that has become harsher. In the sixties, the police locked up old drunks. Nowadays there are no old drunks. Instead, there are drug users that simply do not live to an old age.

Talk of the devil

Merja Hermonen is a 43-year-old prison pastor from Turku. In the beginning of April she will defend her doctoral thesis on Satanism as youth culture. In her study Hermonen classifies young Satanists. There are for example Rational Satanists and Satanists within certain heavy metal cultures. Satanism is a topic which has not been studied much but which interests the press and the public a great deal. Hermonen is not afraid of the fuss her thesis is prone to cause. She welcomes discussion with open arms.

Edited by Reeta Holma and Ylioppilaslehti staff.