Stage name
The second book of Finnish author Tuomas Vimma is coming out at the end of this month. Vimma is a special character in the Finnish literary scene: his real name is not Vimma, but the main character in his novels carries that name. Vimma is a columnist and a journalist too – a complete name brand with some connections to real life. In the article, we try to find out who Tuomas Vimma really is. What comes up is that he is quite an ordinary guy, with some education and varied jobs. That is, if he is telling us the truth.

Should sex buyers be punished?
Purchasing sexual services is prohibited in Sweden. Now Finland considers if it should be prohibited here too. The Swedish Government is really proud of the law. Its aim is to give a clear signal that prostitution is a form of exploitation and a problem both to individual prostitutes and to the society. The prostitutes are against the law. They say that it has made their work more dangerous. There is not much experience about the effects of the law – but there are a lot of opinions.

Creative Commons
Academic lobbers aim to spread scientific knowledge in the Internet so that everyone could read it for free. Their tool is the Creative Commons license. With the license, authors can give people permission to use their material, and at the same time set the terms for the use and for example state whether commercial use is allowed or not.

Say goodbye to your deposit
Refusing to give back the deposit is good business for many landlords. There are many tricks: the landlord can claim for example that not all keys were given back or exaggerate repairing costs. Some do not give any explanation. Sometimes the only option to get the money back is to take the case to court.

Edited by Reeta Holma and Ylioppilaslehti staff.