Tuition fees for foreign students
The Finnish Government is planning to introduce tuition fees for foreign students. A working group within the Ministry of Education suggests that everyone from outside the EU or the EEA should pay about 3 000- 12 000 euros per year. The reason for this is that the Finnish Government wants to make Finnish universities more accessible to the international educational market. It is still unclear when the introduction of fees will take effect. Rector of the University of Helsinki Ilkka Niiniluoto is in favour of tuition fees. The Student Union is vehemently against them, as they are seen as unequal and unfair to students from less developed countries.

The first Finnish kung fu movie
Director A.J. Annila is making an exceptional movie, at least in Finnish standards. He’s a 28-yearold director who has 2,5 million euros to spend on his debut, a kung fu movie that combines Finnish and Asian mythology. He has been a fan of Asian action movies since elementary school, but it has taken 20 years for a hobby to become a serious profession.

New bus line from campus to campus
The new bus number 506 brings together all the universities and research facilities of the greater Helsinki region. Starting from Viikki, the bus goes through several campuses in Helsinki, and ends up in the Helsinki university of Technology.

Median student income: 646 euros
According to a new study by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki, an average student in the University of Helsinki earns 646 euros per month. The money mainly comes from student financial aid and work. Some 82 percent of students also get money from their parents and relatives. The earnings of students have not increased during the last five years. While most students are still happy with their lives, the overall feeling of happiness has decreased. Young people are now more uncertain about their future than previously.

Edited by Reeta Holma and Ylioppilaslehti staff